As YOPS has been used in courses at Washington University in St. Louis, many example problems can be seen in the CSE131 labs starting with Lab 0. Note that it is assumed that students are using the Eclipse development environment when solving these labs. We encourage you to try the CSE131 lab problems. However, since these problems are being used in courses, please do NOT post solutions to them on the web.


  1. Creating a YOPS window
  2. Building an Image Processor
    • Adding tools to YOPS
    • Writing methods for the Methods menu
    • Manipulating images
  3. Building a Line Tool
    • Handling Mouse Events
    • Adding Graphics to YOPS panel
    • Input sliders
  4. Other Features
    • Other Shapes
    • Input through Dialogs
    • Using Sounds


10/4/2006: Our first release of YOPS is available for download at SourceForge.